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DownTown Events is an entertainment event consulting company that assists in creating, organizing and sustaining large weekly warm weather music-based community events. Our Event Architecture eliminates the challenges faced in building safe, family friendly community-building events.

  • Tomah, WI
    Downtown Thursday Nights

    ........."what we’re really trying to do is promote our downtown,” said Tomah Chamber president/CEO Tina Thompson. “We’ve done years of planning for the development of downtown, and now we’re bringing in activity to help catapult it forward.”

    She believes the concerts will attract people to the downtown area.

    “Our vision is for people to be actively spending time in downtown Tomah, shopping at our local retailers and eating at our local restaurants,” Thompson said. “We’re hoping to inspire more people to open businesses in our downtown, and we’re doing it through music and activities.”

    Thompson said Downtown Thursday Nights will includes a “Kid Zone” that will feature two bounce houses per night as well as caricatures and face painting and other kid-friendly activities.

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  • Madison, SD
    Downtown in MadTown

    “With the overwhelming support and success DownTown in MadTown had in 2018, we are looking forward to the 2019 event, “GMACC Executive Director Eric Hortness stated. “Each year we will make improvements to continue the success. For 2019, we are planning a bigger kid’s area, one or two more food booths, and more vendor booths.

    In addition, the Annual National Night Out event will be moving downtown on August 6th. That evening we will have two blocks of Egan Ave closed off. Thank you to all that have been able to make this a great community event. We look forward to seeing everybody DownTown in MadTown this summer!” The primary goal of Downtown at Sundown is to create an all-ages event and central gathering place for community members and visitors alike.

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  • Miles City, MT
    Cowtown Moosic

    "Tara Moore, sponsor and donor coordinator, said over $30,000 was raised for this series of events in about four days and said she thinks the event has been an amazing success so far."

    “We couldn’t be more thrilled with how it’s going,” said Vicki Leesburg, vendor co-coordinator for the event. “We just hope that it keeps building our community which is what we want it to do for everybody.”

    This week’s event featured vendors from the farmers market, Joey Leone’s Chop Shop for musical entertainment, activities for children of all ages, as well as local food trucks.  

    “Every week it’s been growing more and more and we get better ideas about what to do and what to add,” said Leesburg.  

    Rebecca Madison brought her children, Zayden, 7, and Zoey, 4, to the event for the first time on Tuesday.  “They’re loving it,” she said.  Madison said she thinks kid-friendly events, especially during the summer, are very important and she definitely plans on bringing Zayden and Zoey back next week.  Zayden and Zoey said their favorite part of the night was coloring, provided by Trinity Lutheran Classical School.  

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